• Co-Sponsor, H.R. 6347: Rental Eviction Moratorium Act of 2020. Prohibits the eviction of tenants for six months after the COVID-19 pandemic is officially declared over. Introduced by Rep. Jesus Garcia. 

  • Co-led the introduction of legislation, the Affordable Housing Preservation Act, this bill will support nonprofits to create and preserve affordable housing options by developing cooperatives for low-income individuals.

  • Sponsor, H.R. 2792, the Public Housing Solar Equity Act, that makes sure that residents' needs come first when a public housing authority leases or sells assets for the installation of solar panels. It also makes sure that the sale or lease benefits the housing authority and residents. 

  • As a Member of the Financial Services Committee, voted to pass the Expediting Assistance to Renters and Landlords Act of 2021. This bill would remove barriers preventing tenants from receiving rental assistance and provide more guidance to grantees on how they engage with their local government to increase awareness and distribution of program funds.

  • Maloney pushed for language in the House passed Build Back Better Act that would nearly get rid of the public housing capital needs backlog across the country, including at NYCHA. The legislation would bring an estimated $30 billion to NYCHA.

  • Read Congresswoman Maloney's letters to her renters and management companies regarding cancelling rent.

Affordable Housing

Everyone needs a place to live

Housing is a necessity, and in NY-12, it's increasingly unaffordable. Whether advocating for NYCHA tenants, creating senior housing, or helping renters negotiate agreements with major landlords, Carolyn Maloney has worked hard to keep rents down and expand affordable housing options in the district. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Carolyn has worked to ensure that residents are a protected priority and has co-sponsored a number of relevant bills.

  • Holding meetings with local residents and civic leaders to assess the state of housing in the district and brainstorm workable solutions. Carolyn has also worked with tenants' rights groups across the district to ensure landlords are obeying the law.


  • Advocating for the decentralization of maintenance services, to give the power back to NYCHA tenants. With the power to hire, supervise, and fire repair workers, NYCHA developments could improve accountability and decrease the shocking neglect suffered by those who live in public housing.

  • Lobbied for and obtained mortgage relief during COVID-19 for those with federally-backed and GSE mortgages.

  • Pushed NYC to ensure equitable vaccine distribution, including at HANAC senior facilities and NYCHA developments

  • In July 2021, urged the Governor to expedite rental assistance funding and to take whatever steps are necessary to protect renters from eviction. 

  • Sponsor, H.R. 5455: Public Housing Residents Protection Act of 2019. Ensures that public housing tenants receive financial benefits from the sale or lease of property. 

  • Co-Sponsor, H.R. 6820: Emergency Rental Assistance and Rental Market Stabilization Act of 2020. Grants renters emergency funding in the wake of the financial devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic. This legislation would help the more than 70% of constituents in NY-12 who do not own their homes. Introduced by Rep. Denny Heck.