• Original Co-Sponsor, H.R. 1595: Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act of 2019. Allows financial institutions to accept funds from cannabis-related transactions without fear of penalty from regulators. Introduced by Rep. Ed Perlmutter. 


  • Co-Sponsor, H.R. 1456: Marijuana Justice Act of 2019. Decriminalizes the recreational use of cannabis, expunges federal cannabis convictions, and reinvests in communities most harmed by marijuana prohibition. Introduced by Rep. Barbara Lee. 


Legalization, reducing harm, creating jobs and promoting consumer safety 

Carolyn has been an advocate for cannabis legalization and to protect legal cannabis businesses, earning her a 100% rating from the National Cannabis Industry Association. She has voted in favor of reducing restrictions on marijuana beginning with the 2005 Medical Marijuana Use Amendment (H. Amdt. 272), which prohibited the Department of Justice from arresting and prosecuting those involved in the medical marijuana industry in states where it was legal. 

  • Fighting to overturn the rule that restricts Veterans Affairs doctors from prescribing medical marijuana to patients in states where it is legal, forcing veterans to pay for the prescription out of pocket. 


  • Consistently voting in favor of legislation that reduces the criminality of marijuana including affirmative votes for House Amendment 748, which Prohibits Federal Agencies from Preventing States from Authorizing the Use of Medical Marijuana, and House Amendment Amendment 1086, which Prohibits States from Penalizing a Bank for Providing Financial Services to Marijuana Businesses.​​