• Supporting the overturn of Citizens United and the DISCLOSE Act of 2019, work that has earned Carolyn an endorsement from End Citizens United.


  • Sponsor, H.R. 2370: Voters Right to Know Act of 2009. Requires that individuals’ phone banking during the course of federal campaigns disclose relevant information that protects voters and allows them to make informed decisions about participation.


  • Sponsor, H.R. 7265: Fixing the Federal Voting Assistance Program Act of 2008. Amends the Uniformed and Overseas Absentee Voting Act to ensure that every American, regardless of location, is capable of participating in elections by establishing a commission to investigate relevant issues.

  • Original Co-Sponsor, H.R. 6689: Accountability for Acting Officials Act. Limits how long an individual can serve as an “acting official” and specifies qualifications an individual should meet in order to serve. This bill closes various loopholes in current law and would call for transparency and reporting on the part of acting officials. Introduced in 2020 by Rep. Katie Porter. 


  • Co-Sponsor, H.R. 1: For the People Act of 2019. Promotes free and fair elections by expanding voter registration and access, increasing election security, and refining campaign spending regulations. This bill also helps secure and defend our elections from foreign interference. Introduced by Rep. John Sarbanes.


  • Co-Sponsor, H.R. 4925: Paul Revere Freedom to Warn Act. Expands federal protections for whistleblowers, ensuring that individuals are able to expose unlawful behavior without fear of retribution. Introduced in 2006 by Rep. Edward Markey. 

Government Oversight

Of the people. By the people. For the people.

Government is supposed to work for us - and Carolyn Maloney has spent her career making sure it does. Now, as the first woman to chair the powerful House Committee on Oversight and Reform, has an even stronger voice in curbing government waste, fraud and Abuse abuse - especially with the current administration.

  • Wrote the Delivering For America Act, to roll back harmful changes to the postal service, and getting funding to help states conduct November's elections safely by using absentee and vote-by-mail ballots.

  • Wrote and got signed into law, The Postal Service Reform Act, that puts the USPS on firmer sound financial footing, saving the USPS over $10 billion over the next decade.

  • Helped lead the impeachment investigation into President Trump by calling for his removal early on, holding hearings on the issue, and voting in favor of his impeachment. 


  • Using her role as the first woman to chair the House Committee on Oversight and Reform to hold hearings on universal paid family leave, ending sexual harassment and retaliation in the military, protecting the right to abortion from states’ draconian and abusive practices, and ending the government’s use of “religious freedom” as a means to discriminate against LGBTQ+ people.

  • Lead investigations into a number of troubling governmental practices including: leading members of New York delegation in writing a letter to ICE demanding information on the detainment of Yuen “Chin” Mei Tsui and procedural documents related to coronavirus, writing a letter to DHS with Rep. Jamie Raskin calling for the release of nonviolent migrant detainees to prevent a coronavirus outbreak in detention facilities, releasing a report with Rep. Raskin titled “Care of Pregnant Women in DHS Facilities” and holding hearings on the administration’s insufficient response to the coronavirus crisis. 


  • Defending the 2020 Census by joining state attorney generals, immigration advocates and more in challenging - and defeating -  the Trump administration's illegal attempts to undercut its accuracy with a citizenship question and introducing the Census Form Integrity Act this session (H.R. 6250) to ensure future administrations must follow proper procedures for adding new questions. She has also worked to ensure deceptive fundraising mailers cannot mimic the census to mislead the public. ​​