Fighting for those who fight for us.

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  • Opposing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and advocating for the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal Act of 2010 which ended the inequitable and damaging policy preventing military service members from discussing their sexuality. 


  • Sponsor, H.R. 5923: Fair Access to Co-Ops for Veterans Act. Introduced in 2020, this bill would reinstate a program that expands the Veterans Benefits, Health Care, and Information Technology Act to include co-op apartments.

Our government must honor the debt it owes those who rush into danger to defend our nation. Carolyn Maloney has worked to pass legislation that increases veteran benefits, healthcare, and access to technology.


  • Writing the Delivering For America Act, to roll back harmful changes to the postal service, which are causing delays to all types of mail - including mailed prescriptions and absentee ballots, which many veterans rely on. 

  • Fighting to expose the truth for veterans who worked at toxic burn pits, who are now suffering from cancers and other diseases.


  • Voting to pass the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act in 2013 which actively works to reduce the number of veteran suicides. 


  • Supporting a relief package that included $207 million in federal relief aid to rebuild the Manhattan VA Hospital in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Carolyn was a staunch advocate for the hospital long before the Hurricane and has fought against attempts by the CARES Commission to defund VA medical centers.