• Championing the improvements to New York’s subway system, including helping to secure $1.3 billion dollars in federal funding, to complete the Second Avenue Subway and working with the city to lessen L train service disruptions during tunnel repairs.


  • Establishing the East River Esplanade Task Force to address issues surrounding the Esplanade and preserve the area.


  • Successfully campaigning for funds to be directed at New York City’s infrastructure projects at the federal level, including securing $814 million in federal funds for the New Kosciusko bridge, 95% of the project’s funding. Carolyn has also secured $37 million for the Queens Plaza roadway, $307 million for the 63rd St. Tunnel Connector,  $300 million for the Sunnyside railyard, and $37.9 million for the Floating Hospital. 


  • Fighting for more protected bike lanes throughout the city in order to reduce risk to cyclists and encourage the use of sustainable transportation. 


  • Helping to clean up Newton Creek by securing its place on the Superfund National Priorities List. 


Promoting 21st century infrastructure projects to improve the lives of all New Yorkers

Carolyn Maloney has brought over $10 billion back to New York's 12th district for infrastructure that creates good jobs and makes live better for the working people who live here. Her projects have transformed the way New Yorkers move around, not just in NY-12, but in the entire New York region.

  • Leading efforts to secure funding for the East Side Access project, to help provide direct transit between Long Island and Manhattan, in response to the growth in commuter numbers, and cut down on transit times.

  • Worked to secure funding in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan to complete the second phase of the 2nd Avenue Subway that will extend up to 125th Street.


  • Creating new schools to alleviate intense overcrowding and serve more New York City students. For more information on the schools that Carolyn has helped create see the Education tab. 


  • Advocating for a safe water supply with the New York Watershed project and voting to increase funding for the Water Resources Development Act over a presidential veto.