AM NEW YORK: New Yorkers push Congress to boost social service funding: ‘It’s about prio

Rep. Carolyn Maloney joined numerous nonprofits and concerned citizens at the Queensbridge Community Center Wednesday morning to call on Congress to increase federal human services spending before the fiscal year begins Oct. 1.

The advocates called on the Senate to follow the priorities set out in House-approved appropriation bills. They are also asking that the New York Congressional delegation cosponsor the Working Families Tax Relief Act, which would expand the earned income tax credit and the child tax credit, and the Affordable House Credit Improvement Act, which according to one of the sponsors would expand and strengthen the affordable housing tax credit.

“I’m still fighting for social programs like I was when I was a teacher when I first began my career,” Maloney said. “Congress has a role to make sure that we reverse these years of federal budget cuts to these social programs that are important not only to New Yorkers, but across the whole country.”

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