American Federation of Government Employees shows appreciation to the introduction of Senate Bill fo

A statement was issued today by the J. David Cox Sr. who is the National President of the American Federation of Government Employees as a response to the act which was introduced by the Sen. Brian Schatz ‘Federal Employee Paid Leave Act’.

The statement was as follows: “Thank you to Senator Schatz for introducing this important legislation, which would provide federal employees with 12 weeks of paid leave for reasons covered by the Family Medical Leave Act, including a new child, a family illness, or issues involving military deployments. The Senate bill, S 1174, is a companion to HR 1534, which was introduced by Rep. Carolyn Maloney in March and currently has 27 bipartisan cosponsors.”

Cox added on: “Federal employees currently receive no paid time off for the birth, adoption, or foster placement of a child, or to address other family medical emergencies. Because of this, every day there are hundreds – if not thousands – of federal workers facing the agonizing choice between paying the bills and meeting a critical family need: whether it’s bonding with a newly arrived child, caring for a seriously ill or injured family member, tending to their own health condition, or handling issues related to a family member’s current or recent military service.”

He mentioned the reason of extending the number of paid leaves by saying: “Extending 12 weeks of paid leave to federal employees will help them better balance their work and home lives, and it will give agencies a needed advantage when recruiting and retaining workers to carry out critical missions on behalf of the country.”

“AFGE strongly supports this legislation and encourages every member of Congress to cosponsor the bill and support it when it comes to a vote,” he concluded.