Congresswoman says Smithsonian needs to acknowledge women’s contributions to history

Source: NY1 News

The Smithsonian is the nation’s largest museum, but some say it is missing how much women have contributed to history.

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney held a news conference near the Fearless Girl statue in lower Manhattan to introduce the “Smithsonian Women’s History Museum Act.”

The Girl Scouts of Greater New York joined her to push for the bill, which now has majority support in the House.

“We’re entitled to one, just one museum,” Maloney said. “We deserve one museum, we’re half the population. Plus, every president had a mother. Every great leader in the military and every other place had a mother. And many mothers have been incredibly accomplished in their own right.”

In a statement, the Smithsonian Museum says while it does not currently have the capacity to support a new museum, it is raising funds for a Women’s History Initiative.

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