Democrat Rep. Carolyn Maloney: Cohen Hearing ‘Could Lead to’ Trump’s Impeachment

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) said Thursday in a CNN interview that disgraced former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee “could lead” to President Trump’s impeachment.

“A lot of information came out that I wasn’t aware of and we have numerous investigations taking place in Congress, and we’ll follow the facts where they take us,” Maloney, who sits on the House Government and Oversight Reform Committee, told CNN. “I think it possibly could lead to impeachment.”

Maloney said that Cohen’s remarks towards Wednesday’s panel were “absolutely alarming.”

The New York Democrat said during Wednesday’s hearing that Cohen’s testimony “was a story of redemption.”

She later doubled down on those comments in the Thursday CNN interview, calling Cohen’s testimony credible even though the former Trump lawyer pleaded guilty for lying before Congress.

“I believe him,” she said. “And I know he’s going to jail because he lied to Congress. If he lied to us yesterday I know he would be going to jail much longer.”

Cohen called Trump “a racist,” “a cheat,” and “a con-man” in his nearly seven-hour testimony before the committee.

He pleaded guilty to lying before Congress on two separate occasions, violating campaign finance laws, bank fraud, and tax evasion back in November and was recently sentenced to three years in prison.

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