Everyone Who Wore Black To The State Of The Union Sent A Strong Signal To Women

Source: Elite Daily

By Yasaman Khorsandi

As was expected, women from the Democratic Women’s Working Group (DWWG), as well as multiple menshowed up wearing all black to Donald Trump’s first State of the Union (SOTU) on Jan. 30. The idea to wear black was initially proposed by Representatives Jackie Speier and Lois Frankel at the beginning of January, as a way of showing solidarity with survivors of sexual harassment and violence, and to make a statement about its presence in politics. Along with other women from the DWWG, they invited other members of Congress to join them. Here’s everyone who work black to the State of the Union.

Female leaders in politics have been following the steps of women in Hollywood as they paved the way for the #MeToo movement and the Time’s Up initiative. On Jan. 1, 2018, more than 300 actresses signed and announced the Time’s Up initiative and legal defense fund to support women in everyindustry as they combat and speak out against workplace sexual harassment. On Jan. 7, nearly every attendee — men and women — at the Golden Globe Awards wore black in solidarity with #TimesUp, signifying the start of a new chapter for Hollywood. For the women in the DWWG, time’s up for the Capitol as well.

Photos showed so, so many Democratic women and men choosing to wear all black.

Photos showed Reps. Nancy Pelosi, Jackie Speier, Susan Davis, Gwen Moore, Bonnie Watson Coleman, Keith Ellison, Carolyn Maloney, and more all decked out, not just in black, but also sporting “Time’s Up” pins and “Recy” buttons as a tribute.

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