Fact check: Almost every single one of Trump's debate claims about mail-in voting was wrong

After Biden said nobody has established that mail voting is a fraudulent process, Trump replied, "It's already been established. Take a look at Carolyn Maloney's race in Manhattan."

Facts First: This is false. There has been no evidence to date of fraud in this primary in New York's 12th District. There was a legal dispute about the fact that a large number of ballots were rejected for non-fraud reasons. And while the ballot-counting was slow because the state has had administrative problems -- ranging from insufficient staffing to outdated technology -- in trying to count a much larger than usual number of absentee votes, a slow count is not evidence of anything nefarious.

The candidate Maloney defeated, Suraj Patel, tweeted Tuesday night that "Trump lied about what happened here," saying that the issue in the race was "disenfranchisement" of voters whose ballots had been rejected, "not voter fraud."

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