Female NYC politicians on why women should vote this year

Congresswoman Maloney, who represents New York's 12th District (the East Side of Manhattan, Roosevelt Island and parts of Queens and Brooklyn), has been a champion of women's rights from working to renew the Violence Against Women Act in 2013 to passing a bill to give paid family and medical leave to federal workers, says there's more to do if women want equality.

The next major win for women would be the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, she said. If passed, it would guarantee equal legal rights for all American citizens regardless of sex.

"I am deeply indebted, as all women are in our country, to the trailblazing women who dedicated their lives to get women the vote," she told us. "There's a need for equal rights and we're never get it until the ERA is ratified. There’s nothing more important than getting women in the Constitution and to pass bills for equal pay and equal work."

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