Gazette Federal Primary Endorsements

Source: Queens Gazette

The federal primary is coming soon, on Tuesday, June 26, and we believe it is important enough that we should reiterate what we said two weeks ago: that we strongly, and unequivocally support Congress Members Joseph Crowley and Carolyn Maloney, two incumbents of major experience who are running for reelection. They both work hard upholding our democratic values, in the interests of the overwhelming majority, to protect the health of our society by protecting health care, the economy, and every group who may feel threatened these days.

In Congressional District 14, as House Democratic Caucus chair, incumbent Joe Crowley has led the way in support of the Affordable Care Act and signed onto Medicare for All; established the Urban Area Security Initiative, which targets homeland security funding to at-risk urban centers; called for the closure of Rikers Island; introduced and championed the Kalief-Browder Re- Entry Success Act; has called for the decriminalization of marijuana; has publicly championed closing private prisons; and is an original co-sponsor of legislation to end mandatory minimums in drug-related cases.

Crowley has demanded that the Trump administration immediately cease separating parents from their minor children when families are seeking refuge in the US; and successfully convinced the FBI to track hate crimes against Sikhs, Hindus, and Arab Americans. He has fought for tax credits for low-income workers; and his Girls Protection Act made it a federal crime to transport girls outside the US for the purpose of female genital mutilation.

On the schools front, Crowley is also fighting for a world-class education for our children with his Better Deal for Queens and the Bronx proposal which includes a $10 billion investment to alleviate overcrowding and unequally funded schools.

We encourage every voter in his district to come out and vote overwhelmingly for Joe Crowley. We have known Joe Crowley for many years and are thrilled at his meteoric rise to the top of our national leadership. We can’t wait until he is our Speaker of the House. He has delivered for his constituents and is protecting our community and our people.

We are also behind Congress Member Carolyn Maloney 100 percent. We need her profound understanding and determined pursuit of justice for the people.

When Maloney announced her candidacy for reelection in New York’s 12th Congressional District, she said, “Americans are ready to stand up to Donald Trump and the right-wing extremists in Congress, whose dangerous policies threaten New Yorkers.” She has been standing up to the entire Trump administration since day one and is now fighting to flip the House in 2018. At the same time, she is still delivering results for New York City, including protecting the 9/11 healthcare act for first responders that she authored (which is under threat from the Trump administration), securing $10 billion in infrastructure funding, part of which helped build the new 2nd Avenue Subway and the new Kosciuszko Bridge, and taking on credit card companies to save consumers $12 billion a year.

Congress Member Maloney has also been a national leader and relentless in the fight for women’s rights; protecting and improving access to affordable healthcare, infrastructure funding and gun safety.

We are joined by countless elected officials, unions and other community-oriented organizations in our endorsement of Crowley and Maloney. These two representatives are amazing leaders who represent our interests in Washington. In these convoluted times we need the fierce support that they are providing for their hometown. They are delivering for New York City.

Also running in the Queens primary is incumbent Gregory Meeks in the 5th Congressional District, who is doing good work and deserves his district’s vote.

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