Girl Scouts join Rep. Carolyn Maloney in push for national women’s museum

Source: NY Daily News

By Reza Moreno / Reuven Blau

New York’s Girl Scouts joined the push Wednesday for a Smithsonian Museum of American Women’s History on the National Mall in Washington.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney, who has advocated for the museum for 20 years, said the idea is gaining momentum.

“We are entitled to one, just one museum,” Maloney said at a rally at the Fearless Girl statue near Wall St. “We are half the population.”

The proposed museum faces an uphill battle.

The Smithsonian is in the middle of a $650 million overhaul of the Air and Space Museum. A spokeswoman declined to comment on Maloney’s legislation, but said the institution agrees that “women’s contributions to history are often not well integrated into our national narrative.”

“While we don’t have the capacity to support a new museum at this time, we are actively fundraising for a Women’s History Initiative,” the spokeswoman, Sarah Taylor Sulick, added. “The initiative will focus on hiring curators and educators who will bring even more stories of women to the forefront in our existing museums.”

Maloney has convinced over 200 members of the House of Representatives to support proposed legislation to build the museum.

On Wednesday, the Girl Scouts of Greater New York announced its support of the plan as members placed a sash over Fearless Girl. Any Girl Scout working on the lobbying effort will be able to earn a civic engagement badge.

In 2014, the Obama administration created a commission to review the proposal, which Maloney says will be privately funded.

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