Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney continued to pick up major support on Manhattan’s West Side last week as the Hell’s Kitchen Democratic Club endorsed her re-election in New York’s 12th District in her run for the August 23rd Congressional Democratic Primary.

The vote in the Hell’s Kitchen club was 57 percent for Maloney and 43 percent for Congressman Jerrold Nadler, who has represented the neighborhood for 30 years.

“Hell’s Kitchen Democrats is proud to endorse Carolyn Maloney,” said Christine Christine Gorman, President, Hell’s Kitchen Democrats. “With reproductive and LGTBQ+ rights so clearly under attack, we need a strong leader like Carolyn, who has a proven track record of fighting for her constituents and their values. As an independent, progressive voice for Hell’s Kitchen, the club looks forward to working with her for the common good.”

“I am thrilled and grateful for my growing support on the West Side for my reelection,” Maloney said. “It was not my choice to run against my 10th District colleague, but the Special Master had a different idea. I believe I am the best choice to continue fighting for the issues critical to our future, and I am grateful Hell’s Kitchen Democrats agree.”

The Hell’s Kitchen vote followed an earlier vote in which the Chelsea Reform Democratic Club endorsed both candidates. Maloney retains unanimous support among Democratic clubs on the East Side.

Maloney, in her remarks to Hell’s Kitchen Democrats, pointed to three recent egregious Supreme Court decisions overturning abortion rights in Roe v Wade, gutting New York’s century-old gun licensing law, and blocking enforcement of clean air and clean water rules as raising the stakes in the primary.

As a leading voice for feminists and gun control advocates in the Congress, along with her commitment to raising concerns about the threats posed by climate change, those decisions highlight issues where her decades of leadership is widely recognized. And with the cases overturning Roe pointing to potential challenges to same sex marriage and other LGBTQ+ rights, even extending to birth control, Maloney is the best equipped candidate in the race to bring that fight to the forefront.

“Manhattan residents need an experienced, progressive congressmember to fight first to preserve rights for women and the LGBTQ+ community we thought were already settled, and to push to enshrine those rights and more for all of us,” Maloney said. “I am not the first woman in leadership to be asked to step aside for a man. I’m not about to step aside at such a critical moment in our history as a city and a nation when the stakes are so high.”

For more information on endorsements and issues in Maloney’s campaign, go to www.carolynmaloney.com.