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MALONEY ON LONGEST SHUTDOWN IN US HISTORY: Congress Member Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY-12) released the following statement on January 12, as the “Trump Shutdown” became the longest government shutdown in recent history:

“History will long note that on this day we set a record for the longest government shutdown in American history. Future generations will also remember that this shutdown was caused willfully, recklessly and single-handedly by President Trump.

“They will remember that he inflicted suffering on hundreds of thousands of Americans in pursuit of a vanity project that the majority of the American people oppose: building a wall that won’t work, to address a crisis that isn’t real, so he can keep a promise that wasn’t true.

“The president’s unwillingness to compromise and reopen the government is causing widespread pain to real people, as federal employees and contractors struggle to make ends meet as they miss paychecks, and as critical services, including food safety inspections, anti-hunger programs, and small business loans, are on hold.

“The longer the president refuses to reopen the government, the worse it gets. I will continue to vote to reopen our government and urge my Republican colleagues to do the same. We must end this madness.”