Source: Queens Gazette: I On Politics

By John Toscano

In response to reports that North Korea launched a missile test over Japan’s airspace in the early hours of August 29, Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (NY- 12), who just returned from a Congressional delegation trip to the region, released the following statement: “North Korea’s latest provocation makes it clear that we must exhaust every diplomatic tool available to us to reduce tensions in the region and get North Korea to freeze and dismantle its nuclear and ballistic missile programs. After my recent visit to the region as part of an official Congressional Delegation, it is clear to me that there is still more that the UN, and individual countries like China and Russia, can do to increase pressure on the North Korean regime. The UN Security Council can and should impose sanctions on North Korea’s textile and apparel industries, as well as restrict North Korean oil imports. China must also ensure its banks are fully complying with the UN sanctions. The US must work with our allies in the region to get North Korea to the negotiating table and begin the tough yet critical work towards denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula. Military action is not a viable solution to the threats posed by North Korea. Only comprehensive and aggressive diplomatic efforts can bring about the peace and stability that is desperately needed in this region of the world.

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