Source: Queens Gazette: I On Politics

By John Toscano

Congress Member Carolyn B. Maloney (NY-12) released the following statement after House Republicans refused Congress Member Mike Quigley’s amendment to restore $380 million in funding for Election Assistance Commission grants to states to enhance their election equipment, counter cyberattacks and defend against future intrusions.

“While our intelligence agencies are warning us that Russia has plans in motion to interfere with our elections again, House Republicans continue to stick their heads in the sand and put party over country. By refusing to renew election security funding, Republicans are refusing to face reality and give our states the resources they need to protect our democratic process against this cyber-warfare launched by the Russians. It is beyond shameful. I will continue to fight to protect our democracy, our elections, and the soul of this nation,” Congress Member Maloney said.

Maloney voted to increase funding for the Election Assistance Commission by $380 million to match FY18 levels in order to help state and local election officials upgrade outdated election technology, address vulnerabilities in voting and registration infrastructure, and prevent future intrusions by Russia and other foreign and domestic entities determined to undermine the integrity of the US election system. The attempt to increase funding failed by a vote of 182 to 232, with all Democrats voting in favor.

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