MEDILL NEWS SERVICE: Harriet Tubman Statue In U.S. Capitol Would Be Second To Honor A Black Woman

WASHINGTON – A group of New York congressmen and women are pushing for a statue of Harriet Tubman to be in the United States Capitol, which would make it only the second statue of a black American woman in the U.S. Capitol.

The first statue honored civil rights activist Rosa Parks, and it was added in 2013 during President Barack Obama’s second term in office. Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, D-N.Y., who introduced the Honoring Harriet Tubman Act, said that Tubman has “left an indelible mark” on the country and a statue of her in the U.S. Capitol would continue to inspire Americans.

“Harriet Tubman had the clarity of vision, unwavering respect for human dignity, and the strength of character to shape our nation’s history for the better,” Maloney said in an email statement. “We as a nation should celebrate her for that.”

The statue would not replace one of the two New York statues in the U.S. Capitol, Maloney said. The United States Congress authorized in 1864 that the National Statuary Hall Collection would allow each state to provide two statues of “notable citizens,” the Architect of the Capitol stated.

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