MTA will get larger ferry boats for L train shutdown route

Source: Curbed NY

By Ameena Walker

With just seven months to go before the start of the 15-month L train shutdown, the MTA and city officials are still working out the kinks in their mitigation plan. One of the transit alternatives during the shutdown include a new ferry route that would run between Williamsburg and Manhattan’s Stuyvesant Cove. The new route will be independent of the city’s NYC Ferry system and will be run by the MTA. However, some are now worried that the capacity of the ferry boats may not be large enough to accommodate the influx of riders, reports Brooklyn Paper.

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney has announced that state officials are working with contractors to add capacity to the ferry vessels, which can currently carry up to 149 passengers. Transit officials are working to upgrade to boats that could accommodate as many as 240 passengers at a time.

Maloney also revealed that the MTA is now planning to deploy three ferry boats per hour on the new route during peak hours, instead of the two that was originally planned, which will allow for more than 1,200 commuters to make their way between Brooklyn and Manhattan during morning and evening rush hours. City officials just need to give their final approval for the additional vessel.

Correction: This article previously stated that the new ferry route would be a part of the city’s NYC Ferry system. It has been updated to reflect that the route will be run by MTA, independent of the city’s ferry system. Curbed regrets the error.