NY Lawmakers Want City Reimbursed $25M for Trump Security

Source: NY1

By NY1 News

Some New York lawmakers want Congress to reimburse the city for protecting President Trump and the First Family when they are in town.

Sixteen members of the city’s Congressional delegation sent a letter to the House Committee on Appropriations Wednesday.

They want the city to be paid back more than $25 million that it spent on security for the Trumps between Election Day and the inauguration.

This is a bipartisan effort is being led by Republican Dan Donovan and Democrat Carolyn Maloney.

“This is a federal responsibility, to protect the president of the United States, and the New York City taxpayer should not be called upon to foot the bill,” Maloney said.

The city received a partial reimbursement of $7 million in December, but Maloney insists the federal government owes the city much more.

Lawmakers are also asking that money be set aside to cover future costs of securing Trump Tower.