NYC’s First Public Advocate Mark Green and Hazel Dukes member of the DNC Endorse Carolyn B. Maloney

New York, NY - Today, New York City’s first Public Advocate Mark Green and Hazel Dukes, member of the Democratic National Committee endorsed Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney for re-election to represent New York’s 12th Congressional District. Ms. Dukes had previously endorsed the Congresswoman before the Special Master redrew the Congressional maps.

“I am enthusiastically supporting Carolyn Maloney in her re-election for Congress because of the ethic that has guided her congressional career -- ‘actions speak louder than words’ --

i.e., it’s not what you say but what you do.

“I have known a lot of Members of Congress over time, but very few if any have gotten more legislation enacted and made change happen other than Carolyn.

As her colleagues know well, her extraordinary energy, persistence, goal orientation, and very welcoming personality have combined to produce real improvements for New Yorkers and all Americans.

Out of many, consider just these three:

  • The 2nd Ave Subway has changed the way New Yorkers move throughout the City,

  • CARD ACT, that I worked on with Carolyn, has saved Americans billions of dollars over the past 10 years by cracking down on unfair credit card fees

  • Her leadership in the women's rights movement and her steadfast commitment to protecting the right to reproductive choice is more important than ever as the Supreme Court prepares to shamefully overturn Roe v. Wade.s a leader in the women’s rights movement.

At this moment of the Republican neo-fascist assault on our democratic institutions, we more than ever need Carolyn's strong voice and progressive leadership,” said Mark Green, New York City’s First Public Advocate.

“From her days as a City Councilmember to her time in Congress, Carolyn has stood firmly on the side of justice and equality. As an original cosponsor of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act to her always fighting to make sure everyone in our City has an equal shot to be successful no matter where you come from, my friend and colleague Carolyn Maloney has ALWAYS met the moment with her steadfast spirit, accomplishment, and the know how when it comes to getting stuff done. I proudly endorse Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney for re-election,” said Hazel N. Dukes, member of the Democratic National Committee.

“I am deeply grateful to both Mark and Hazel for their support in my campaign for re-election,” said Rep. Maloney. “Both of them have significantly contributed to the social, cultural, and political fabric of New York City. They are deeply committed to equality, fairness, and justice for all New Yorkers, and I am honored to have them on Team Maloney.”