PEOPLE: Jon Stewart Salutes the Casket of 9/11 Responder Luis Alvarez, Who Died After 68 Rounds of C

Alvarez passed away on Saturday. He was 53.

His funeral, held Wednesday morning at Immaculate Conception Church in N.Y.C., was standing room only, the New York Post reported. New York Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney attended along with Stewart, who saluted Alvarez’s casket as it was moved inside the church.

According to the Post, Stewart declined to give comment at the funeral and said the Alvarez family would speak on his behalf.

Just days before his death, Alvarez gave a final interview from his hospice bed where he recalled the day of the attacks and expressed frustration for himself and other responders who have been diagnosed with a collection of cancers tied to exposure to the carcinogens — such as jet fuel, mercury and asbestos — that were released into the city air during the collapse of the World Trade Center.

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