Podcast Alert: JEC Launches The Economic Explainer

GREENPOINT — Politics podcasts aren’t just for policy wonks these days. The Joint Economic Committee (JEC) of which Brooklyn’s U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney is vice chair is starting a podcast dubbed The Economic Explainer.

The podcast looks to demystify the impact of legislation on the economy, with a focus on bills supported by Democratic committee members while discussing with experts how the legislation impacts the economy. The inaugural 14-minute episode tackles — on its 10-year anniversary — the Credit CARD Act of 2009, which sought to save consumers billions of dollars by shielding cardmembers from dishonest practices.

Maloney sets out the bill being discussed. Later, JEC staff interviews Dr. Neale Mahoney whose study shows the credit CARD Act saves Americans $12 billion annually.  The episode which clocks in at roughly 14 minutes, is typical of bite-sized economic podcasts like Planet Money’s The Indicator.

The Economic Explainer can be found on Blubrry, TuneIn and Spotify. iTunes, GooglePlay and Stitcher will also host the podcast.

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