QNS: Queens officials hail Supreme Court’s decision blocking Census citizenship question

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, the co-chair of the House Census Caucus, had warned that a citizenship question would lead to immigrant families to not fill out the form leading to an undercount which would have drastic effects in the five boroughs.

“The importance of counting every person cannot be overstated, which is why I am working with my colleagues and with community groups on the ground in New York to make sure we fulfill our Constitutional duty,” Maloney said. “New York alone receives $73 billion per year based on census data for critical and lifesaving programs. Businesses, large and small, rely on census data in deciding how to effectively grow their businesses and with it, the American economy and our communities. And of course, census data is used to assign seats in the House of Representatives, apportion votes in the Electoral College, and draw legislative districts at every level of government. It is literally the backbone of our democracy. We cannot afford to get it wrong and we will not let this partisan sabotage win.”

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