QUEENS GAZETTE: Building Bonds

Halletts Point residents were joined by Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and Councilman Costa Constantinides, as well as tenant and civic leaders, including Bishop Mitchell G. Taylor, co-founder and CEO of Urban Upbound, to celebrate the new investments in Halletts Point and advocate for additional resources.

Master of ceremonies Claudia Coger, president of the Astoria Houses Tenants Association, welcomed all to the event. “Our community was disconnected, and thanks to The Durst Organization and our community partners, we are now connected and better than ever,” she said.

The newly formed Alliance is working with local stakeholders and public officials to enhance the neighborhood through community programming and partnerships as well as advocacy efforts surrounding transportation, including an NYC Ferry connection between Astoria and the Upper East Side.

Congresswoman Maloney, whose district encompasses both sides of the East River, advocated for a ferry connection to serve all constituents in her district. “The infrastructure exists, the boats exist. Wouldn’t it be simple for the city to run the ferry between these two areas? It would make this wonderful community more accessible, and it would make people’s commutes into Manhattan so much easier,” she said. “Halletts Point is far from the nearest subway, but it’s right next to the dock!”

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