Young Woman Takes Next Step For Eagle Scout Rank Despite Pushback

BRIDGEHAMPTON, NY — After years of fighting tirelessly for the right for young girls to join the Boy Scouts of America and earn the Eagle Award, Boy Scouting's highest rank, a teen from Bridgehampton continued the battle this week.

Sydney Ireland, 18, has fought for 13 years for change in the Scouting program; her dedicated crusade to join Boy Scouts has been documented on the East End, and in New York, where her family also has a home...

..."Sydney Ireland started a revolution when she demanded that girls have access to the same opportunities and benefits as boys in the Scouts, and now thanks to those efforts countless young women are able to join the BSA with full rights after a century long exclusion. She is a reminder that it's time for women and girls to get the recognition and opportunities we have long fought for, and it is time that BSA leadership finally do what is right and award her Eagle Scout rank. ," said Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney.

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