We Heart: The Feminist Politicians Voting Early—and Urging Their Followers to Cast Ballots

Maloney posted a video to Twitter, wearing an “I VOTED EARLY” bracelet, and celebrated the convenience of voting early, even at a location further from her residence than her Election Day polling place. “My job means I have to be down in Washington on Tuesday,” she told viewers, explaining that the decision to vote early instead of absentee was an easy one. “This is so much easier!”

Maloney is a champion of early voting and other election reforms. She wrote legislation enacting New York City’s public financing option for election, and she supported HR 1 in the House, which would make early voting an option nationwide. “Not having early voting is a kind of voter suppression,” she said in a statement, observing the challenges for those whose jobs or personal commitments, much like her own, make it difficult to vote on Election Day.

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