‘It’s an assault’ B’ Heights resident outraged at ‘endless’ helicopter noise

In an effort to stymie the awful racket, residents have extended their gripes to the Brooklyn Heights Civic Association, which in turn has extended its support to an upcoming bill sponsored by three Kings County Congress members to outlaw “non-essential” helicopter flights above the city’s airspace.

“It’s been bothering residents and visitors to this neighborhood for years,” said the Brooklyn Heights Association’s executive director Lara Birnback. “You’re really disturbed by what seems like endless helicopter noise.”

The bill, spearheaded by representatives Carolyn Maloney (D–Greenpoint), Nydia Velazquez (D–Williamsbu­rg), and Jerrold Nadler (D–Red Hook), will ban most civilian flights while still allowing trips in the public interest, according to Danielle Sumner, a staffer for Maloney.