Standing Against Latest ACA Repeal Bill

Source: Queens Gazette

Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (NY-12) joined with New Yorkers, medical professionals, hospital employees, and patient advocates on July 15 to speak out against the latest Republican attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would cause millions of Americans to lose their healthcare coverage. The latest version of the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) will, like earlier versions, be devastating for New York, its hospitals and Americans across the country, Maloney stated.

“This past Thursday, Republicans introduced yet another version of the most widely hated bill in modern American history – their bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act,” said Congresswoman Maloney. “This bill, just like earlier versions, will cause millions of Americans to lose their health insurance and send premiums and out of pocket costs skyrocketing. It would also allow insurance companies to discriminate against the sick and through cuts to Medicaid and Medicare will hurt children, veterans, seniors, and Americans with disabilities. This is cruel, costly and just plain wrong. Rather than trying to just pass anything to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Republicans should work with Democrats to draft and pass legislation that will build on the progress we’ve made and make healthcare more affordable and accessible for all Americans.”

Peter Morley, a New Yorker with life-threatening medical conditions, shared, “If the BCRA passes, I will not be able to afford my healthcare. I have had 9 surgeries in 10 years. I have lupus, which is slowly attacking my liver. I receive life-saving infusions each month to help with my lupus and have to be checked frequently by medical professionals…We all know someone who has been helped by the Affordable Care Act. I know firsthand that your health can change in an instant. That is why I fight for me and the 22 million other Americans who will be vulnerable if they lose their healthcare under BCRA.”

“One afternoon, my wife and I found ourselves in a hospital being informed in a moment of panic that one of our babies was in distress in the womb, and that the doctors needed to do an emergency C-section as quickly as possible to try to save him,” said Jeff Coyle, a New Yorker who relied on ACA when his twins were born three months prematurely. “Going from things being completely secure in one moment to everything about the future being a complete unknown is very hard to accept…The Affordable Care Act ensures that unexpected medical events like the ones presented to our family would not bankrupt us. Having to witness your kids struggling to survive for months on end is the type of experience that comes very close to bankrupting a person emotionally, physically and mentally. It should not also do so financially.” “We support Representative Carolyn Maloney’s leadership in fighting this brutal attack on health care for New Yorkers,” said William Hicks, CEO of NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue. “As our city’s safety net health system, we are greatly concerned about the potential impact that this bill could have, disrupting care for so many of our patients. We are committed to providing care for all, and this bill would present significant obstacles to keeping our communities healthy.” “New York has been one of the most successful states when it comes to implementing the Affordable Care Act, and we have a long bipartisan history of taking full advantage of all Medicaid options offered to states, so we have a lot to be proud of and a lot at stake in the current congressional fight over the future of health care in the U.S.,” said Mark Hannay, Director of Metro New York Health Care for All. “We salute our city’s entire congressional delegation and both our U.S. Senators for standing up for all the gains we’ve made as a state over the past half-century by opposing the current House and Senate health care bills, and urge them to continue striving to improve the ACA and expand coverage to those still-uninsured New Yorkers.”

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