The Equal Rights Amendment May Pass Now. It’s Only Been 96 Years.

For nearly four decades, it seemed that was the end of it. But in 2017, Nevada, which had rejected the amendment in 1977, brought it back from the dead. Illinois followed.

Representative Carolyn Maloney of New York, who has been pushing for ratification since she came to Congress in 1993, said President Trump’s election and the #MeToo movement had reignited the effort. Democratic victories also contributed: Nevada ratified the amendment the year after its legislature went blue, and if Virginia follows, it will be for the same reason.

For years, “I’ve been trying to get people who were opposed to the Equal Rights Amendment to support it,” Ms. Maloney said in an interview on Wednesday. “And we finally have the conclusion that the only way you can ratify it is that you have to remove people from office that are stopping it.”

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