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Wednesday and Thursday were the first debates of the Democratic Primary, and the Equal Rights Amendment got a shoutout from more than one candidate! The first was from Julian Castro in Wednesday night’s debate, and it proved to be a popular topic.

The Equal Rights Amendment is key to ensuring equal pay for women is enforced by the Constitution. TY @JulianCastro for talking about this last night. — Carolyn B. Maloney (@CarolynBMaloney) June 27, 2019

Carolyn has been working tirelessly for months to help ensure that the administration doesn’t politicize or undermine the census, which will be used for years to come to determine public policy, allocation of funding, and representation in both Congress and the Electoral college. Early last week, she released documents that featured a confession of the administration’s true motivations of adding the citizenship question: to empower “Republicans and non-Hispanic whites.” That’s not what the census is for, and many on Twitter agreed.

The GOP had a plan to undermine our democracy by rigging the census. Today we released the receipts. #2020Census #CitizenshipQuestion — Carolyn B. Maloney (@CarolynBMaloney) June 26, 2019

This week, Carolyn introduced a bill that would create an American Museum of Women’s History, and shared a photo of an incredible notebook gifted to her by a friend – a notebook she one day hopes will rest in that museum.

My friend @RedTRaccoon gave me this gift a while ago – one day I hope to put it in a National Women’s Museum. — Carolyn B. Maloney (@CarolynBMaloney) June 25, 2019

And late this week, the Supreme Court released its decision on whether the administration can add a citizenship question to the census. The good news? We won! And Carolyn was definitely ready to celebrate.

This is incredible! THANK YOU to Justice Roberts, who AGREES: the administration’s excuses for adding the #citizenshipquestion to the #2020census were utterly inadequate. EVERY PERSON COUNTS and EVERY PERSON must be counted! #MakeNYCount #SCOTUS — Carolyn B. Maloney (@CarolynBMaloney) June 27, 2019

The Equal Rights Amendment is getting more popular and gaining more momentum by the day. In addition to its mentions at the debates, it was one of the most popular topics on Carolyn’s twitter this week.

The last 2 nights, we’ve seen so many smart, amazing women on #DemDebate stages – & more than 1 candidate called for passing the #ERANow! When’s the last time we heard so much about the Equal Rights Amendment? — Carolyn B. Maloney (@CarolynBMaloney) June 28, 2019

And as a bonus…Sunday was Pride! Carolyn has worked for years to advance LGBTQIA+ causes, from her early days as the first member of City Council to promote domestic partnership laws to working to include same-sex partners in paid family leave laws to her current support for the Equality Act, and she was thrilled to celebrate with the community during the NYC Pride March.

Great to see so many smiling faces – this is something to celebrate! #Pride2019 #WorldPride #PrideNYC — Carolyn B. Maloney (@CarolynBMaloney) June 30, 2019

(She also posted a full album to her Facebook page).

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