The Week’s Top Tweets

Here’s what we’ve been talking about on Twitter…

Carolyn joined the call for Mitch McConnell to bring the Never Forget the Heroes Act to a vote in the Senate, now that it’s about to be voted on in the House…

Last week, Mitch McConnell said he thought the Senate would be able to treat the 9/11 heroes with compassion – now it’s time to back that up with action & bring the bill to #Renew911VCF to a vote on the Senate floor! #MitchFund911HeroesNow — Carolyn B. Maloney (@CarolynBMaloney) June 18, 2019

…and was interviewed by People magazine to talk about the ways that fashion, and the FDNY turnout coat she’s been wearing for months, influence politics and have helped her advance the Never Forget the Heroes Act.

“This jacket speaks louder and more eloquently than any speech that can be given on the floor.” And I’m honored to wear it every day until we #Renew911VCF. — Carolyn B. Maloney (@CarolynBMaloney) June 21, 2019

And on Sunday, she spent time with leaders from the LGBTQIA+ community. She’s been involved in LGBT issues since 1986 – when, as a City Councilwoman, she introduced the first domestic partnership equality bill in NYC.

When you’ve been fighting for LGBTQIA+ NYers for this long, being able to reflect & rejoice is important. From my NY city council bill on LGBT equality through the equality act, I’ll never stop fighting #ForThePeople. #NYCPride — Carolyn B. Maloney (@CarolynBMaloney) June 23, 2019

Over the weekend, news broke of the horrific conditions facing children being held in Texas detention centers.

Overcrowded. Undersupervised. Children caring for children. Punishments that endanger health and safety. And they’ve been separated from their parents as well! These facilities are a shame on our nation. — Carolyn B. Maloney (@CarolynBMaloney) June 23, 2019

And finally, we heard about doctors in Missouri who have decided to take a principled stand against the hardline abortion laws that have been passed in that state.

No doctor should be forced to perform medically unnecessary & invasive exams on their patients. Thank you to these MO doctors for standing up for those in their care. #StopTheBans — Carolyn B. Maloney (@CarolynBMaloney) June 21, 2019

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