The week’s top tweets

Here’s what we’ve been talking about this week on Twitter…

On Thursday, Carolyn shared plans to join activists at a Foley Square rally.

See you there. — Carolyn B. Maloney (@CarolynBMaloney) June 13, 2019

…which was a huge success.

WATCH & Share: At Foley Square rally today. It’s a beautiful day with an incredible crowd – thank you to @justinhendrix @es_indivisible @bkindivisible @BLMNYC @CREDOMobile @indivisqueens for organizing this incredible event. — Carolyn B. Maloney (@CarolynBMaloney) June 15, 2019

We were also thrilled to see Carolyn’s hard work on her 9/11 bill paying off – it’s taken a lot of hard work, but the bill finally passed out of committee this week.

Our first responders deserve NOTHING less. TY for your support! #Renew911VCF — Carolyn B. Maloney (@CarolynBMaloney) June 11, 2019

A shoutout from healthcare advocate Peter Morley got some attention, too.

Thank you Peter! Your tireless advocacy to #ProtectOurCare has been a constant inspiration. — Carolyn B. Maloney (@CarolynBMaloney) June 11, 2019

And finally, photos from Carolyn’s time at the rally caught more than a few eyes. Thank you again to everyone who attended!

Just left Foley Square, where I spelled out why the House must open impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. Energizing & inspiring to stand w patriotic Americans. Thank you for letting me join you today! — Carolyn B. Maloney (@CarolynBMaloney) June 15, 2019

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