• Seeking feasible long-term improvements to our energy practices through membership to both the Safe Climate and Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Caucuses as well as with enduring support for a number of sustainable energy programs. Carolyn has been a pioneer in supporting green, 21st-century approaches to revitalizing our infrastructure.

  • Championing the efforts to rebuild shoreline protections after Superstorm Sandy and urging the reversal of a decision to eliminate the study of New York coastal resiliency after budget cuts.

  • Working to create additional green spaces and parks in New York City by including acquiring funding for the Dutch Kills Green, and fighting to expand Bushwick Inlet Park. 

  • Sponsor, H.R. 1321: Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act. Introduced in 2019, this act affords permanent wilderness protection to 23 million acres of land in Idaho, Montana, Washington, Wyoming, and Oregon in order to preserve the biological corridors. These areas absorb a significant amount of U.S.-generated carbon and are home to a number of vitally important fragile ecosystems. 

  • Sponsor, H.R. 4197: Revitalizing Cities Through Parks Enhancement Act of 2019.  Establishes a grant to create clean green spaces in cities and recognizes the frequent racial disparity in environmental accessibility. 


  • Original Co-sponsor, H.R. 109: Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal. Carolyn was one of the first members of Congress to co-sponsor the Green New Deal, a framework for bold, transformative change that both ends the climate crisis and brings good jobs, green infrastructure, and a better quality of life to all. Introduced in 2019 by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


  • Co-Sponsor, H.R. 9: Climate Action Now Act. Requires the president to formulate an annual plan regarding how the U.S. will meet its proposed commitment under the Paris Agreement on climate change. Introduced in 2019 by Rep. Kathy Castor.

The Environment

We need a Green New Deal to end the Climate Crisis

As an original co-sponsor on the Green New Deal, Carolyn has continuously pushed bold and transformative change to help save our planet from the climate crisis. In 2020, She was featured in the Sunrise Movement NYC's voter guide as one of the city's "best progressive candidates."

  • As Chairwoman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, Maloney has taken on the fossil fuel industry, calling in the top 4 fossil fuel executives to testify before Congress about their role in the climate change crisis

  • Opposed the harmful steps taken by the Trump administration and their reversal of crucial environmental protection regulations, including supporting the rejoining of the Paris Climate Accords, fighting back against cuts to the EPA, and rebuking the administration's disregard for science​.


  • Recognizing the importance of preserving clean water and air for New Yorkers and the entire country and successfully campaigning for increased funding to the Adirondack Lakes and New York Watershed projects. These projects helped to ensure the continuing safety of New York drinking water and the protection of lands around the watershed.

  • Shining a spotlight on the high economic cost of climate change through her role as Vice-Chair of the Joint Economic Committee.


  • As a longstanding supporter of including Newton Creek on the Superfund National Priorities List, a designation that would allow for the expeditious remediation of substantial pollution, Carolyn played a critical role in placing the East River tidal tributary on the list in 2010. Since then, the Congresswoman's continued advocacy has helped to ensure that adjacent communities see results.