Affordable Housing

Everyone needs a place to live

Housing is a necessity, and in NY-12, it's increasingly unaffordable. Whether advocating for NYCHA tenants, creating senior housing, or helping renters negotiate agreements with major landlords, Carolyn Maloney has worked hard to keep rents down and expand affordable housing options in the district.

  • Working with tenants' rights groups across the district to ensure landlords are obeying the law

  • Advocating for the decentralization of maintenance services back to NYCHA tenant associations. With the power to hire, supervise and fire repair workers, NYCHA developments could improve accountability and decrease the shocking neglect suffered by those who live in public housing

  • Resisting the Trump administration's efforts to lessen protections for immigrants and LGBTQ+ residents. The D in "HUD" does not stand for deportation or discrimination, and she will continue to make sure the administration doesn't forget that