An investment in our future

Carolyn Maloney started her career working as an ESL teacher with children in East Harlem. When the program was cut, her colleagues elected her to lobby for its restoration - and she won. She advocates with that same passion for students and teachers today. 

  • Eliminating $1.5 trillion in student debt

  • Providing options for free 4-year college

  • Expanding access to programs that challenge top students

  • Providing resources to teachers to battle hatred and intolerance with her Never Again Education Act, which passed the House on January 27, 2020, and is now awaiting a Senate vote.

  • Offer tax credits for businesses and unions that offer career training and apprenticeships

  • Institute programs for early childhood education at a national level, mirroring NYC's universal pre-K program

  • Ending campus sexual assault and re-instituting Title IX protections 

  • Creating new schools in overcrowded neighborhoods