Issues & Achievements


With a career spent making real progress for the people of NY-12,
here's what Carolyn has planned for the future.


Healthcare is a human right

Protecting coverage for pre-existing conditions. Lowering prescription drug prices. Strengthening the social safety net. Defending the ACA from Republican sabotage. Co-sponsoring Single Payer Medicare for All.


The best investment in our future

Carolyn Maloney started her career working as an ESL teacher in East Harlem. When her program was cut, her colleagues elected her to lobby for its restoration - and she won.

Eliminating student debt, promoting free 4-year college, giving tax breaks for apprenticeships and strengthening early childhood education are just a few of her goals.

American Leadership

We must reclaim our status as a global leader

Equality. Women's rights. Gun reform. Ending the Climate Crisis. Building the infrastructure of tomorrow. Reducing inequality. Supporting working families, immigrants and marginalized communities. Carolyn gets it - and she's working to make this and more happen.

Gun Control

Inaction on common sense gun control is literally killing Americans

Kids can't go to school. Families can't go to the grocery stores. Communities cower in their places of worship. And illegal hand guns devastate families from our community every single day.

Carolyn will continue her fight to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, require universal background checks, and make illegal gun trafficking a felony.

Clean Government

Of the people. By the people. For the people.

As a City Councilwoman, Carolyn Maloney cleaned up NYCHA contracts and helped write the city's first public campaign finance laws.​

In Congress, she's held the administration accountable, been a leader on the call for increased Congressional oversight and impeachment, led the charge to defend the integrity of the census, supports H.R.1, and is committed to overturning Citizens United. 

Women's Rights

Equality can't wait

The Violence Against Women Act. The Debbie Smith Act. Reproductive freedom. Inclusive Paid Family Leave. Equal Pay. Women in STEM. Repealing the Hyde amendment. Building a National Women's Museum. Making human trafficking a felony. Supporting funding for women abroad. Ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment.

Carolyn Maloney is recognized as a national leader on women's rights and women's issues, and is a tireless fighter and advocate for improving the lives of women in NY-12, the United States, and around the globe.

Working Families

Policies that support the working and middle class

Our nation’s workforce is changing rapidly — with fewer single-income families, fewer long-term stable jobs with benefits and pensions, and increasing challenges to buying and owning homes. Carolyn has listened to working families and championed policies that make their lives better including Paid Family Leave, common sense gun control, equal pay for women, standing with unions and workers, and more.

Affordable Housing

Everyone needs a place to live.

Housing is a necessity, and it's increasingly unaffordable. Whether advocating for NYCHA tenants and seniors or helping renters negotiate agreements with major landlords, Carolyn Maloney has worked hard to keep rents down and expand affordable housing options in the district.

Equality, Inclusion

& Social Justice

Equal means equal

Since the earliest days of her career, Carolyn Maloney has fought to uplift underserved and marginalized communities through advocacy, legislation and leading by example. Whether advocating for NYCHA tenants, introducing landmark LGBT equality legislation, passing legislation to make human trafficking a felony, requiring reporting and action to reduce income inequality, or supporting the defunding of private prisons, she has a consistent track record of standing up for what's right.

The Environment

We need a Green New Deal - and Carolyn's an original cosponsor.

We only have one planet Earth - and Carolyn Maloney has been at the forefront of efforts to protect it throughout her career. She's earned a 97% lifetime rating from the League of Conservation Voters by consistently standing up for the environment, including funding for the cleanup of superfund site Newton Creek on the border of Brooklyn and Queens.

Today, she's an original co-sponsor on the Green New Deal, pushing bold and transformative change to help save our planet from the Climate crisis.


Bringing our transit into the 21st century

Over the course of her career, Carolyn Maloney has brought billions back to New York's 12th district. Her infrastructure projects  have transformed not just how we move around New York City, but the entire New York region. She'll keep pushing for fully ADA-accessible compliant public transit, adding protected bike lanes, and pushing green infrastructure and jobs training to help New Yorkers get where they need to be.

Foreign Policy
& National Security

America must lead by example

American leadership has been at the core of our foreign policy for generations - and it's something this administration has been all-too-willing to abdicate.

Carolyn has long been an advocate of U.S. leadership abroad, from providing generous financial aid to help stabilize other regions to ensuring we work with our allies to promote global safety and security. 

The Economy

It has to work for everyone

That means a $15 minimum wage, good-paying jobs, fair tax laws, supporting small businesses, and protecting consumers from predatory practices. As Vice Chair of the Joint Economic Committee, Carolyn is all-too-aware of the struggles facing our economy today - and some of the best ways to address them.

Senior Issues

Helping seniors thrive

Too many seniors are in vulnerable positions, and Carolyn is dedicated to making sure they receive the respect and support they deserve. Locally, she's spoken up to keep senior centers open, while at the Federal level she's a staunch advocate for Medicare and closing the prescription donut hole. She's also a fierce defender of social security and has resisted attempts to privatize the system.


We need comprehensive immigration reform

America has always been a beacon to immigrants from around the world. But today, our immigration system is broken. We must reinstate DACA and give a path to citizenship to our DREAMers, and engage in comprehensive review and reform of our immigration laws.

Most importantly, we must end family separation and immediately re-unite families at the border, oppose any funding for a border wall, and hold the administration accountable for the abuse of refugees, migrants and children on our Southern border.

New York City

Improving the lives of everyday New Yorkers

What affects New Yorkers affects the entire nation, and no one knows that better than Carolyn Maloney. Whether obtaining compensation for the victims and heroes of 9/11, proposing bills to help green our city, creating community schools in overcrowded districts, advocating for NYCHA or simply using her platform to elevate important issues, Carolyn is constantly fighting for New Yorkers, NY-12 and our city.