New York City

Improving the lives of everyday New Yorkers

What affects New Yorkers affects the entire nation, and no one knows that better than Carolyn Maloney. Her 9/11 Victim Compensation's Act capped an 18-year fight to provide healthcare to first responders and survivors of that fateful day - and its passage impacted Americans in almost every Congressional district. No matter who she's taking on, Carolyn is constantly fighting for New Yorkers, NY-12 and our city.

  • Bringing home funding for major infrastructure projects like the Second Avenue Subway, L train repairs, the new Kosciuszko bridge, and East Side Access

  • Introducing the RECIPE Act to fund community parks and gardens

  • Helping create community schools in overcrowded districts

  • Advocating for NYCHA tenants and timely repairs

  • Lending her voice and platform to scores of community groups to help advance the agendas of the people who live here

  • Helping build Democratic community through work with local clubs and community leaders