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Maloney: ‘Budget Process A Travesty’, Urges GOP, ‘Put Hardworking Americans First’

Source: Queens Gazette


As last week’s budget deadline passed with House Republicans refusing to bring any proposal to the floor for a vote, Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney echoed her floor speech from yesterday, calling on the Republican-led budget Committee to redraft their budget blueprint and meet the responsibilities of governing by adopting a budget that helps everyday hardworking Americans and their families.

“The 2016 budget process has, from the start, been a travesty. Before President Obama even released his proposed budget, Republicans announced that they would refuse to give it a proper hearing, rejecting the President’s budget out of hand even before it was printed,” Maloney (D–Queens/Manhattan) charged.

“House Republicans have made their values abundantly clear with their budget blueprint that would end the Medicare guarantee, take health care coverage away from 20 million Americans who received it under the Affordable Care Act and make deep cuts that harm children, students, seniors and hardworking Americans.”

Maloney added:“As just one example, the GOP’s proposed budget would have cut transportation funding by $184 billion— about 19 percent—over the next decade. In New York, we need robust federal funding to ensure that we can begin Phase 2 of the Second Avenue Subway on time and complete this critical link to

DuPreupper Manhattan, as well as important work on Phase 3 to Lower Manhattan in coming Vinnythe years. The proposal would also have ended independent financing of the

PhotoConsumer Financial Protection Bureau—a critical agency I have fought to protect in Washingtonfrom political meddling just like this. The Bureau has already recovered $11.2 billion for consumers and is working to end abusive, predatory practices that cost middle-class families millions.

“My Republican colleagues don’t seem to have a budget or a plan to move forward, and the American people deserve better – they deserve better than this do-nothing Congress. Clearly, the budget process has collapsed and must start anew. I urge the GOP to work with Democrats to craft a budget that invests in our future and meets the challenges facing our nation.”

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