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Maloney Reacts to Bastille Day Terror Attack

Source: Queens Gazette


“The latest tragedy in Nice, France brings home once again the terrible, pointless, barbaric human toll produced around the world by extremist ideology and hatred. The people who died in this senseless attack were men, women and children whose only offense was being alive and enjoying a summer evening while celebrating Bastille Day.

“It is the singular tragedy of our times that so often, so many young people have been seduced by the slickly produced, self-defeating siren song of terrorism and choose to victimize the innocent themselves in turn. Their effect may be numbingly large at times, but their numbers are small and they will be defeated. Our real challenge is to not let ourselves fall victim to their efforts to draw us into being just like them – to hating one another and fearing those unlike ourselves. We are a better people than that. And that is why we shall prevail. ‘Nous sommes tous Nice.’ (‘We are all Nice’)”

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