Maloney Releases Agenda for Action to Restore Abortion Rights for All & Protect Birth Control Access

Updated: Aug 13

New York, NY - Today, Carolyn B. Maloney released her Agenda for Action to restore abortion rights for all and protect access to birth control.

This Agenda comes after the June 24, 2022, Supreme Court decision, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which overruled Roe v. Wade, reversing decades of precedent recognizing the constitutional right to abortion. This one Supreme Court decision will likely eliminate access to abortion for roughly 33 million people across the country.

The Supreme Court’s decision is also a direct threat to other essential rights based on a person’s right to privacy, including the right to contraception and the right to same-sex marriage. Given these implications, Congresswoman Maloney has announced a Platform for Action to restore abortion rights and protect people’s Constitutional rights to privacy.

1. PASS The Women’s Health Protection Act (H.R. 8296) and Ensuring Access to Abortion Act (H.R. 8297) to establish a federal statutory right to abortion care across the country that prohibits governmental restrictions on providing and accessing abortion. H.R. 8297 specifically prohibits anyone acting under state law from interfering with a person's ability to access out-of-state abortion services. The House passed both bills on July 15, 2022.

2. PASS The Right to Contraception Act (H.R. 8373) to protect the right to contraception, which the Supreme Court first recognized in 1965, but is now threatened – with Justice Thomas opining that the Supreme Court should revisit this decision. The Act will codify under federal law the right to access birth control in all states. The House passed this bill on July 21, 2022, but it was blocked in the Senate on July 27.

3. PASS The Respect for Marriage Act (H.R. 8404) to ensure marriage equality throughout the United States and enshrine the right to Federal recognition of marriage for same-sex and interracial couples. The bill passed the House on July 19, 2022.

4. PASS The Access to Birth Control Act (H.R. 6005), authored by Congresswoman Maloney, to prevent pharmacies from refusing to give individuals contraception and ensure access of FDA-approved contraception and medication related to contraception.

5. PASS The Stop Anti-Abortion Disinformation Act (H.R. 8210), authored by Congresswoman Maloney, to stop false advertising related to abortion services at so-called crisis pregnancy centers.

6. PASS The Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance (EACH) Act (H.R. 2234) to ensure every person who receives health care or insurance through the federal government would have coverage for abortion care and contraceptives. The bill reverses the Hyde Amendment and federal funding bans related abortion coverage and will guarantee abortion care for people enrolled in federal health insurance programs like Medicaid and TRICARE or who receive health care through a government provider like the Indian Health Service and the Veterans Administration.

7. PASS The Abortion is Health Care Everywhere Act to repeal the harmful Helms’ Amendment so that foreign assistance funds can provide comprehensive reproductive health care services in developing countries, including abortion services, training, and equipment.

8. Guarantee Access to Medication Abortion Care that is science-based and equitable. In December 2021, the FDA removed the unnecessary in-person requirement that mifepristone be dispensed only in certain healthcare settings and allowed for the dispensing of mifepristone by mail via certified prescribers or pharmacies, in addition to in-person dispensing in clinics, medical offices, and hospitals. Congresswomen Carolyn Maloney and Ayanna Pressley led the effort first in a letter to the FDA asking them to lift this requirement and then along with Congresswoman Cori Bush in a letter dated March 16, 2022, that read: Now that the in-person dispensing requirement for mifepristone has been eliminated, the federal government must continue to use every tool at its disposal to ensure that medication abortion is accessible, affordable, and convenient for patients who seek it—including by facilitating the dispensing and safe provision of care via clinics, mail-order pharmacies, retail pharmacies, the mail and other forms of delivery, as well as telehealth,” the Members wrote.

9. Aggressively Enforce the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrance (FACE) Act. In 1994, in response to an increase in violence toward providers and patients of reproductive health services, Congress enacted the FACE Act that prohibits violent, threatening, damaging and obstructive conduct intended to injure, intimidate, or interfere with the right to seek, obtain or provide reproductive health services. In 2021, violence against abortion providers significantly rose with the most increases in stalking, blockades, hoax devices, suspicious packages, invasions and assault and battery, compared to 2020. Vandalism and assault and battery continue to be the most common offenses, but other acts have seen major jumps, with stalking increasing 600%. Given the Supreme Court decision overruling Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Justice Department needs to redouble its responsibility to ensure the FACE Act is fully enforced.

10. PASS House Resolution 891 to recognize that the Equal Rights Amendment is duly proposed by two-thirds of each House of the Congress and ratified by more than three-fourths of the States. The ERA has met the requirements of the Constitution and is a valid part of the Constitution, known as the “Twenty-Eighth Amendment to the Constitution”.

The SAVEE Act could be added along with one that would codify into law the Biden Executive Order released on 8/3 –making it a 12 point plan Keep ERA as #10 and it needs a sentence saying why and how it helps on abortion which I will add —

PASS The Safety From Violence for Healthcare Employees (SAVE) Act (H.R. 7961) to give health care workers the same legal protections against assault and intimidation that Federal law affords flight crews and airport workers. The SAVE Act provides legal penalties for those who knowingly and intentionally attack hospital and other medical facility employees.